Stack ‘Em Right Straw Stacking Race Details & Rules

July 26, 2021
straw stacking contest

‘Stack ‘Em Right’ contest is a straw stacking contest of teams of 3. Free entry in 2021! Event will be held in front of the Grandstands.

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  • 16yrs. - 18 yrs.
  • 19yrs & Older

Prizes for top 3 placings per class: (Team with the lowest time wins!)

  • 1st: $125
  • 2nd: $75
  • 3rd: $50


  • Driver must have a valid driver’s license.
  • Each participant must sign a waiver.
  • Teams are of only 3 people.
  • The team with the lowest time wins prize money.
  • Only trucks with beds under 10ft. will be permitted to participate. No sideboards higher than standard truck and no tie downs.
  • Penalty points will be given for broken bales, bales that have fallen off truck or wagon and not stacked properly.

Example of how contest works:

A team of 3 will get into their truck. When given the sign, the team will exit their vehicle (the time starts when the doors opens) and begin stacking the bales of straw onto their team’s truck. After the team has loaded all 40 bales of straw, then all the team members get back into their truck and proceed through the obstacle course.

After completing the obstacle course, team members exit their vehicle and stack all the bales neatly onto the wagon. After the bales are neatly stacked onto the wagon, all team members run to get inside their vehicle. Once all the doors of the truck are closed, the timer will stop.

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